• Terms and Conditions


    Treks To Peru has a firm commitment to respect and comply with all legal and regulatory provisions that are applicable to them. Likewise, it understands that personal data, being an integral part of people’s privacy; and as they are also fundamental to our activity, they must be treated in such a way that they not only imply compliance with the legal system, but also measures must be taken to create an environment of confidence and security in the public regarding said treatment.

    II. goal

    The purpose of this Policy is to inform the public of our commitment to the protection of your personal data, as well as the guidelines under which we process them in the exercise of our commercial activities, the purpose for which we do so, as well as well as the procedures so that the owners of the same can exercise the rights provided in the Personal Data Protection Regulations.

    III. Alcance

    This Policy applies to all personal data processing activities carried out by Treks To Peru . It will also apply to those people or companies that Treks To Peru requires the processing of personal data for which it is responsible.

    IV. Definitions

    Terms used in this policy with capital letters are:
    • Personal Data Protection Law: Law 29733 and its amendments.
    • Regulation of the Personal Data Protection Law: Supreme Decree No. 003-2013-JUS and its amendments.
    • Bank of personal data: Organized set of personal data, automated or not, regardless of the support, be it physical, magnetic, digital, optical or others that are created, whatever the form or modality of its creation, formation, storage, organization and access.
    • Sensitive data: Personal data made up of biometric data that by itself can identify the owner, data referring to racial and ethnic origin; economic income, opinions or political, religious, philosophical or moral convictions; union membership; and information related to health or sexual life.
    • Person in charge of the personal data bank: Any natural person, private legal entity or public entity that alone or acting jointly with another performs the processing of personal data on behalf of the owner of the personal data bank.
    • Personal Data Protection Regulations: Refers to the Personal Data Protection Law, the Regulations of the Personal Data Protection Law and its amendments and complementary regulations.
    • Owner of personal data: Natural person to whom the personal data corresponds.
    • Owner of the personal data bank: Natural person, legal entity under private law or public entity that determines the purpose and content of the personal data bank, the treatment thereof and the security measures.
    • Transfer of personal data: Any transmission, supply or manifestation of personal data, of a national or international nature, to a legal person under private law, to a public entity or to a natural person other than the owner of personal data.
    • Treatment of personal data: Any operation or technical procedure, automated or not, that allows the collection, registration, organization, storage, conservation, elaboration, modification, extraction, consultation, use, blocking, deletion, communication by transfer or by diffusion or any other form of processing that facilitates the access, correlation or interconnection of personal data”.
    • Arco Rights: Rights held by every natural person as the owner of personal data.
    • Request for the exercise of ARCO Law: It is the request for access, rectification, updating, inclusion, cancellation, deletion or opposition, made by the owner of personal data regarding your information.
    • Consent of the interested party: It is any manifestation of free, specific, informed and unequivocal will by which the interested party accepts, either through a declaration or a clear affirmative action, the processing of personal data that concerns him.
    • Communication Channels: Physical mail, email, text messages (SMS and/or MMS), digital media such as Facebook, or “WhatsApp” or other similar platforms, cell phone number or any means of communication that the Owner of Personal Data provide Treks To Peru .

    V. Guiding Principles

    Treks To Peru undertakes to respect the guiding principles established in the Personal Data Protection Regulations. These are:
    Principle of legality:  The processing of personal data is done in accordance with the provisions of the law, and the collection of personal data by fraudulent, unfair or illegal means is prohibited.
    Principle of consent:  For the processing of personal data, the consent of the owner must be mediated, unless there are any of the exceptions provided by law. Said consent must meet the requirements of being free, prior to its collection or treatment, express and unequivocal, and informed.
    Principle of purpose:  Personal data must be collected for a specific, explicit and lawful purpose. Their treatment must not be extended to a purpose other than that for which they were collected, excluding cases of scientific, historical or statistical activities.
    Principle of proportionality:  The processing of personal data must be adequate, relevant and not excessive for the purpose for which they were collected.
    Principle of quality:  The personal data that will be processed must be true, exact and, as far as possible, up-to-date, necessary, pertinent and adequate with respect to the purpose for which they were collected.
    Security principle:  The owner of the personal data bank and the person in charge of the personal data bank must adopt the necessary technical, organizational and legal measures to guarantee the security of personal data.
    Principle of provision of appeal:  The owner of personal data must have the necessary administrative or judicial channels to claim and enforce their rights, when they are violated by the processing of their personal data.
    Principle of adequate level of protection:  For the cross-border flow of personal data, a sufficient level of protection must be guaranteed for the personal data to be processed or, at least, comparable to that provided by the Personal Data Protection Law or by international standards on the matter.

    SAW. Purpose of the Processing of Personal Data

    Treks To Peru processes the personal data of collaborators, customers and potential customers, suppliers, employees and other people that make up its stakeholders, in accordance with the purposes authorized by each of them in the consents they have granted to Treks To Peru . , with the exceptions to the requirement to obtain consent provided for in the Personal Data Protection Regulations.
    Treks To Peru informs that it will treat personal data, among others, for the following general purposes:
    To comply with the obligations generated by the contractual and non-contractual links generated with the owner of personal data.
    • Communicate to your stakeholders commercial information about your business activity, your goods and services, according to the consent obtained from the Holder of personal data.
    • Update or suspend the personal data record when its inaccuracy, omission, error, falsehood is identified or when the term of its agreed purpose has expired.
    • Ensure the correct storage and purpose of personal data, through organizational, technical and legal measures.
    • Comply with your legal obligations as an employer, assuming the principles and obligations declared in the Personal Data Protection Law.
    • Carry out follow-up and monitoring for security risk management purposes through its video surveillance devices, biometric registration, and others that are available.
    • Carry out due diligence and business risk management activities, if an inspection procedure is required if acts against the Personal Data Protection Law are incurred.
    • Provide Personal Data to third parties, in Peru or abroad, with whom Treks To Peru has a contractual relationship and that it is necessary to deliver it to fulfill the contracted object. The cross-border flow of data can only be carried out if the recipient country has the levels of data protection required in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law.
    • Develop commercial actions or post-sale services, of a general nature or directed personally to the Holder, aimed at improving their experience as a customer through the various communication channels.
    • Keep informed, through the Communication Channels, the Holder of Personal Data about the delivery process and status of the orders placed.
    The processing of personal data for the aforementioned purposes, and for any other lawful purpose other than those mentioned above, is duly informed to the Holders of personal data, requiring a specific authorization according to the corresponding public of interest, in compliance with the principle of consent, with the exceptions provided for in the Personal Data Protection Regulations.

    VII. Consent

    Treks To Peru will require the free, prior, express, unequivocal and informed consent of the owner of the personal data for the treatment thereof, except in the cases of exception expressly established by article 18 of the Personal Data Protection Law.
    Treks To Peru  will not require consent to process your personal data obtained from sources accessible to the public, free or not, for the use for which such data was made accessible to the public; Likewise, you may process your personal data from non-public sources, provided that said sources have your consent to process and transfer said personal data.

    VIII. Rights of the Holders

    In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Regulations, the holders of personal data have the following rights:
    1. Right of Access and information:
      As a consequence of the right of access, the owner of personal data has the right to obtain the information about himself that is subject to treatment in data banks owned by Treks To Peru., the way in which your data was collected, the reasons for its collection, the transfers made, or to whom they are expected to be made, among others. The right to information, for its part, grants the owner the right to know prior to the collection of their data, the purpose for which their data will be processed, the existence of the data bank in which they will be stored, the identity and address of the owner of the data bank and of those in charge of the treatment, if the transfer of personal data will take place and to whom, the conservation time, among others.
    2. Right of rectification, update and inclusion:
      The owner of personal data has the right to update, inclusion and rectification of their personal data subject to treatment by Treks To Peru when these are partially or totally inaccurate, incomplete or when omission has been noticed. , error or falsehood.
    3. Right of Cancellation or Deletion:
      The owner of personal data may request the cancellation or deletion of their personal data not related or necessary for the execution of the obligations of Treks To Peru provided for in the signed contracts or those provided by current regulations.
    4. Right to prevent the supply:
      The owner of personal data has the right to prevent their personal data from being supplied, especially when the supply affects their fundamental rights, unless the supply is executed between the owner of the personal data bank and a bank manager of personal data, for the purposes of its treatment.
    5. Right of Opposition:
      The owner of personal data may oppose the processing of their personal data at any time. The opposition will proceed to the extent that the treatment has no contractual or legal justification.
    6. Right of revocation:
      The owner of personal data can withdraw the consent previously granted at any time. The revocation will not reach the uses and/or treatments that can be carried out in the scenarios authorized by the regulation.
    7. Right to objective treatment:
      The owner of personal data has the right not to be affected by a decision that is based solely on the processing of personal data aimed at evaluating certain aspects of their personality or conduct, unless this occurs within the framework of a contract. or in cases of evaluation for purposes of incorporation into a public entity, in accordance with the law, without prejudice to the possibility of defending their point of view, to safeguard their legitimate interest.
    8. Right to guardianship:
      In the event that the owner or person in charge of the personal data bank denies the owner of personal data, in whole or in part, the exercise of the rights established in this Law, the latter may appeal to the National Authority for the Protection of Personal Data in process of claim or to the Judiciary for the effects of the corresponding action of habeas data.
    9. Right to be compensated:
      The owner of personal data that is affected as a result of the breach of this Law by the owner or by the person in charge of the personal data bank or by third parties, has the right to obtain the corresponding compensation, in accordance with the law.
    10. Procedure for the exercise of the rights of the Holder of Personal Data
      The Holders may revoke their consent or exercise their rights by law, by contacting the email info@machupicchuperutours.com indicating their full name, ID and attaching a copy of said ID. In the event that the owner of the personal data needs to exercise his rights through a representative, he must send a power of attorney legalized by a notary public that authorizes him as such and his identity document.
    IX. Term of Personal Data Processing
    The personal data processed by Treks To Peru will be stored for the time necessary to fulfill the specific processing purposes authorized by the owner, without prejudice to the fact that the owner may exercise the rights mentioned in section XI of this policy at any time. Likewise, Treks To Peru guarantees the security and confidentiality of personal data in a useful time frame to carry out the purpose agreed upon by mutual agreement.
    X. Security of Personal Data
    In compliance with current regulations, Treks To Peru adopts the appropriate legal, organizational and technical measures to guarantee the security of personal data, avoiding its alteration, loss, improper treatment or unauthorized access.
    For this purpose, it makes available all the necessary human and technological resources, applying them in proportion to the nature of the data stored and the risks to which Treks To Peru is exposed. Treks To Peru will only process personal data that is stored in repositories that meet the security conditions required by current regulations on personal data protection.
    XI. Cookies
    At Treks To Peru we use cookies and similar technologies to personalize and improve your customer experience and to show you relevant online advertising. Cookies are small text files containing a unique identifier that are stored on the computer or mobile device through which you access the Site, so that they can be recognized each time you use the Site.
    You can disable the use of cookies according to your browser settings. In this regard, you can contact us at info@trekstoperu.com. Please note that there are some technical cookies that, when disabled, could even prevent the website from functioning correctly.
    XII. Modifications
    In the event of any change or modification of this Policy, the current text of this Policy will be published on our web portal: Treks To Peru in the Privacy Policies section.

    Reservation Policies:

    Terms and Conditions To Reserve, the Peruvian system of services and products are sometimes different from those of your country of origin. We suggest that you carefully read the following:

    In Peru we operate in regions where accommodation, transportation and service standards may not be what you would normally expect. However, we strive with all diligence and skill to provide the best services for our tourists. Traveling in Peru requires flexibility, patience, an open mind, a good sense of humor, and the understanding that changes can be made without notice due to circumstances beyond our control. By booking any of our trips you agree to the necessary changes.


    Thank you for choosing Treks To Peru  Travel Agency & Tour Operator, we ask that you read the following travel terms and conditions to establish the guidelines with which we work within. Once we have received your application and the deposit we will sign a contract, under the following conditions.

    Reservations – Confirmations:
    Treks To Peru Travel Agency & Tour Operator requires the following information to continue with your reservation and confirmation of your vacation. Please note that this information is strictly confidential; Treks To Peru will not make it public, except in cases where this information is necessary to safeguard your personal safety and health (such as allergies, medications, medical treatments, dietary restrictions, etc.)


    • Full name (as it appears on your passport).
    • Passport number.
    • Occupation.
    • Dietary restrictions.
    • medicinal restrictions.
    • The alergies.
    • Address, email, home phone number, and emergency contact number.
    • We will send you a form to be completed with the above data.


    • After making your reservation, Treks To Peru   Travel Agency & Tour Operator will send you a response with the confirmation of your trip, which guarantees that the services will be provided as requested.
    • We ask for an initial deposit of 50% of the total price of the program, after sending the confirmation. This deposit is non-refundable if you cancel your trip. The balance of 50% must be paid 1 day before starting the tour or excursion that you booked with us.
    • All confirmed reservations are subject to a non-refundable fee. Our system acts as an intermediary between tourist service companies and passengers for the reservation process and payment of services. To facilitate the reservation process for tourist services, we have commercial agreements with various companies who manage their own reservation and payment systems such as hotels, tour operators, airlines, trains and buses through Treks To Peru .
    • It is strictly prohibited to use the System for activities that imply infringing or violating the laws of Peru or of the place where the services provided through it are used.
    • If the reservations are made less than 30 days before the start of your tour/excursion, Treks To Peru   will coordinate and inform if there is all the availability of income, train tickets with the objective that the reservation is satisfactory and in this way not not have a problem or setback during your stay in Cusco.
    • Payment must be made via Paypal to Treks To Peru email : info@trekstoperu.com
    • Treks To Peru  will not assume the bank expenses caused by drafts or deposits, which must be paid in the country of origin.


    Treks To Peru  Travel Agency & Tour Operator reserves the right to cancel any trip in the following cases:

    • If the client does not pay the total balance of his trip 15 days before his arrival, there is no refund of the deposit paid Events beyond our control that make the operation of our circuits impossible (strikes, protests, cancellation of flights, conditions weather conditions, overbooking of hotels and airlines). In this situation, we will suggest possible solutions and try to operate the planned program. All additional expenses incurred in this situation will not be covered by Treks To Peru .
    • If you cancel your trip, you must notify us in writing, keeping in mind that the deposit required at the time of confirmation is non-refundable. The cancellation must be sent in writing explaining the reason for the cancellation.
    • In case you want to change the date of your travel itinerary, you will have a sanction according to the factors that require it (additional expenses for the rescheduling of the dates of the tickets and income; as well as the change of dates of the accommodation reservations in Cusco and in Aguas Calientes)


    Treks To Peru includes the detailed services in each of its programs and is committed to fully deliver.

    • If your trip includes accommodation, breakfast included (which varies according to the hotel standard). Accommodation prices do not include the 18% tax applicable to Peruvian residents. You must show your passport and your original immigration card (given to you upon entering the country), when you check in at the hotel, or the tax may be added to your bill by the hotel.


    • Airport tax (national and international).
    • Airline tickets are not included, whether national or international flights.
    • Excess baggage fees.
    • Unplanned visits and activities.
    • Tips (optional) for the staff.
    • Travel insurance.
    • Extra expenses incurred for reasons not related to Treks To Peru operations


    • Many of the excursions offered by Treks To Peru  require good physical condition and good health: please read the instructions carefully for each program, including certain potential risks during the program (injuries, accidents, paralysis, death).
    • We must understand that these possible risks are part of this type of activity, so we suggest that you take the necessary precautions when choosing your trip. You must be sure of your limitations and take into account your physical condition and general health, as when you participate in one of our trips you are accepting that the mentioned risks exist, and that Treks To Peru is excluded from any responsibility related to  the condition of each hiker.
    • For this reason we ask that you always provide us with complete information about your physical condition, general health, and medical and dietary condidtions.
    • Treks To Peru is committed to providing first aid when necessary, as our guides are trained in first aid and have the necessary equipment, but it is important to understand that this is not just medical first aid.
    • Our guides, together with the hikers, decide when it is necessary to evacuate, which Treks To Peru will organize in the best possible way to safeguard your physical well-being.
    • The expenses incurred by the evacuation, such as transportation, extra accommodation, hospital bills, medical fees, program changes and additional expenses apart from the evacuation itself, will be covered by the same passenger or visitor.
    • Please complete the form about your physical and mental health completely and carefully, so that we can have the best possible information about you.
    • We recommend that you take out an insurance policy that covers accidents, damages, emergency evacuation, lost luggage, itinerary changes, and missed connections. Ask about our offers.
    • All additional expenses resulting from changes or modifications in the program due to external causes, such as: flight delays and cancellations, illness, delays due to bad weather, strikes, natural disasters, or any other cause not related to our operations , will be covered by the visitor.
    • Treks To Peru can provide the necessary documents for you to make a claim with your insurance company, when it is possible for them to obtain it from our service providers.


    • Treks To Peru operates its tours directly and also hires the services of Operators according to the type of service you require. requests, with team and trained personnel to ensure its successful completion. Also subcontract accommodation, restaurants, airlines and other third-party services, which have been previously approved. These service providers are independent, and Treks To Peru  Company EIRL has no direct control over them.
    • Treks To Peru is not responsible for problems caused by these providers, such as lost luggage, delays, damages etc., but can intervene to support clients.
    • The payment of the reservation of our program implies the acceptance of the detailed terms and conditions and covers our services and all the participants in them.


    Juan Carlos Salazar Quispe
    Owner Manager of Treks To Peru